Join us for a father-son duo’s adventures and misadventures in the wild woods of Pennsylvania. In 2014, thanks to a brilliant suggestion by his wife, Scott dug all the camping gear from his youth out of the basement and took then-eight-year-old Tom camping at a local state park. Little did Dad know that this would begin a grand, multi-faceted, wonderful adventure that looks like it will still be going strong many years from now.

Scott and Tom would love to take you along as they hike, camp, backpack, hone their skills and occasionally make mistakes along the way! This is just a father and son learning as they go into the woods.

They live in central PA, surrounded by the natural beauty of several state forests and parks. The area is also home to numerous hiking trails, including the famous Appalachian Trail, and the lesser-known Tuscarora Trail. In addition to getting out there in nature, they enjoy finding out what works for them in researching and trying out new outdoor gear.

Winter camping at Hidden Valley Scout Reservation, early 2018
2019 state park camping set-up; Colonel Denning State Park
Top of Flat Rock, Tuscarora State Forest, 2017
On the trail in Michaux State Forest, April 2019

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